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Information Engineering Department is located in Ancona, on Monte Dago hill. Thanks to the particular shape of the city our buildings are located in one of the highest points of the city. Our Faculty is made up of many buildings, one of them is the "tower", which hosts many offices and some technical rooms.

Such a tower shaped building is a "open-eyes-dream" for any commmunication enthusiast, as the rooftop lies at 200 meters above sea level and has no surroundig obstacles. For this reason many companies are using the tower to install their communication relais and access points.

From a scientific point of view, such a tower offers many possibilities to investigate electromagnetic waves propagation. For this reason we are deeply involved in studing em propagation at microwaves over sea. A part from "basis research" we think we can use our geographic position to provide some services too. For this reason we have been involved in Marine Traffic project, to monitor ship passing in the middle Adriatic sea.

After successfull deployment of AIS decoder web pages and service, we have been investigating the possibility to decode data coming from aircrafts. For this reason we have installed some new "gadgets" on the tower's rooftop to collect data from passing aircraft. Results of our decoding experience can be found in following pages.

Accessing data

All information dealing with decoding of data can be accessed in the following pages. Please feel free to contact us for further information. Contact form are published on each page. Registration is required ONLY for statistical pourposes and update notification.

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